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Write for ProMarket


Thank you so much for your interest in writing for ProMarket. Contributors play a large role in our success. Please send any submissions to ProMarketBefore writing your piece, read our style and writing guide below. 


There are three main types of articles we tend to run at ProMarket: (1) The presentation of new research with a high potential impact: working papers, books, surveys (2)  in-depth analysis of current political and economic issues (3) op-eds, reviews and commentaries.


As you write, please keep in mind that our audience is broader than just academic economists. It includes policymakers, journalists, experts and students


Articles don’t need to be too long: 1000-1500 words to present your research is more than enough, for news analysis, 500 words could be a proper size; a shorter op-ed will be more effective. 


Every kind of article should be plain in style but also intelligent and thought-provoking.


Your opening paragraph is in many ways the most important of your post. It is where you must convince our busy audience to read your full post. You should also find a way to explain your argument, either in your very first sentence or immediately thereafter in the lede paragraphs.


Please, do not do so by saying “this post examines” or “this contribution will look at.” 


Avoid complex and jargon-laden sentences. We want to reach policymakers and thought leaders who don’t necessarily have an economic background. The key to our success is explaining nuanced and complex issues in a straightforward manner. 


Please, no footnotes. Use links instead. We are a digital publication, and links are the standard practice in this domain. They provide readers with a faster, easier route to your reference materials. And please insert your links directly into the text instead of having them stand alone in parentheses. 


Figures are always appreciated. If they can be embedded directly, please, send the text to paste in your post. If not, you can send us the data in excel or send us the image of your figure. Copy and paste from your paper is always possible, but it is not the most effective way to present your results. 


For questions or comments about ProMarket, please contact ProMarket



Content Licensing:

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You may link to ProMarket using standard fair use guidelines.


  1. Use direct links to ProMarket content. You may copy the introductory description of that content to your site and then provide a link to the ProMarket site.
  2. When citing the source, identify us as ProMarket from the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.