New Study Shows Just How Bad the US Labor Market’s Competition Problem Really Is

In recent decades, antitrust policy has all but ignored the issue of monopsony power. Yet a new paper shows that across the US economy, labor markets are highly concentrated and that this concentration is also correlated to lower wages, suggesting that employers are indeed exercising monopsony power and driving down pay.  

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Raghuram Rajan: Populist Nationalism Is “the First Step Toward Crony Capitalism”

The former governor of the Reserve Bank of India discussed the “concentrated and devastating” impact that technology and trade had on blue-collar communities, the anger toward “totally discredited” elites following the 2008 financial crisis, and the subsequent rise of populist nationalism during a keynote address at the Stigler Center’s conference on the political economy of finance.   

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“There Is a Clear Perception That the European Commission Is More Active In Antitrust Than the U.S. Agencies”

In this installment of ProMarket’s interview series on concentration in America, Tommaso Valletti, the European Commission’s Chief Competition Economist, shares some thoughts on economic concentration of power in the U.S. and in Europe. “Competition authorities should invest in better understanding data markets.”  

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