How to Address the Privacy and Security Challenges Posed by Big Tech

The idiosyncrasies of the American approach to regulation have left the world’s largest economy ill-equipped to protect consumers and guide firms when it comes to policy issues surrounding digital platforms. The privacy and data protection subcommittee of the Stigler Center’s Digital Platforms Project proposes three complementary approaches to protecting privacy and security interests.  

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How to Mitigate the Political Impacts of Social Media and Digital Platform Concentration

Ahead of its annual conference on Digital Platforms, Markets and Democracy, the Stigler Center formed a committee to produce independent white papers that will inform policymakers on how to address the political and economic issues raised by tech platforms. In preparation for the conference, we are publishing the executive summary of each preliminary report.  

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Restoring Antimonopoly Through Bright-Line Rules

The “consumer welfare” approach to antimonopoly is the main contributor to the extreme and dangerous concentrations of power that Americans face today. In place of this vague, subjective, easily manipulated, and fundamentally corrupt framework, we propose a system of simple rules that is true to the original American approach to building and protecting an open and democratic society.  

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