Articles by Samantha Eyler-Driscoll:

ProMarket Is Live at the 2nd Annual Stigler Center Antitrust and Competition Conference: Digital Platforms and Concentration

Check out the live coverage by the ProMarket team of the invitation-only 2018 Antitrust and Competition: Digital Platforms and Concentration conference, hosted by Chicago Booth’s Stigler Center in downtown Chicago. Join our livestream, follow our live tweets below, and share your thoughts using the hashtag #StiglerConcentration!  

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Baldwin on Globalization: “A Lot of the Narrative Is Based on the US as If It Were the Whole World”

Richard Baldwin, professor of international trade at the Graduate Institute of Geneva and editor-in-chief of, talks to ProMarket about the convergence between the G7 and emerging countries, the United States’ failure to build a social contract to mediate the changes of globalization, and his confidence that—rumors of trade war notwithstanding—the international trade regime is actually quite resilient.  

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