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“No Convincing Evidence That Concentration Has Been a Major Factor in Explaining Poor U.S. Economic Performance”

In this installment of ProMarket’s new interview series on concentration in America, Chicago Booth professor Dennis Carlton strikes a skeptical note concerning claims that increased concentration has negatively impacted the U.S. economy. “Every industry with very high concentration deserves scrutiny from an antitrust viewpoint.”   

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“Growing Evidence That Some U.S. Regulators May Value the Profits of the Incumbents They Regulate Over Consumer Welfare”

In this installment of ProMarket’s new interview series, we ask Fiona M. Scott Morton of Yale University about the effects of concentration in America and antitrust in the age of Trump. “I am concerned that there will not be one philosophy toward competition enforcement, but instead political antitrust.”   

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Stigler Center Event: Douglas Irwin on Trump and Free Trade

Where does the president stand on trade and can a global trade war be prevented? Dartmouth professor and trade expert Douglas Irwin holds two stand-alone, interrelated lunch seminars at the Stigler Center, in which he’ll examine Trump’s trade policies and the threat that the wave of rising nationalism around the world presents to global competition.  

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“There Is Convincing Evidence That Concentration Has Been Rising”

Our new interview series: “Is there a concentration problem in America?” On March 27-29, the Stigler Center will host a first-of-its-kind, three-day conference that will focus on this very question. Ahead of the conference, we asked influential scholars and public intellectuals about the potential effects of concentration on the U.S. economy. In the first installment, John Kwoka of Northeastern University shares some thoughts on competition and antitrust in the age of Trump.   

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“So Long As Corporate Managers See Their Objective as Maximizing Returns, Rent-Seeking and Regulatory Capture Will Persist”

In this installment of ProMarket’s new interview series on the economic theory of the firm, Harvard Business School professor Lynn Paine discusses the role of corporations and the need to reform capitalism. “Business schools generally do a poor job educating their students about the role of government and business-government relations.”  

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