Articles by Matt Motta:

The Electoral Effect of the Virus: How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Democratic Primaries

Compared to 2016, turnout was 22 percent higher (on average) for states voting on Super Tuesday, before Covid-19 emergency measures in the United States. This week, the situation changed dramatically: Average growth across states voting on March 17th was just 3 percent. Here’s how States can promote health-conscious participation in elections and what we can learn from the 1918 Spanish Influenza.   

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Many Republicans Are Skeptical About Coronavirus. Research Suggests That Republican Politicians Could Change That

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is skeptical of climate change, supports teaching creationism in public schools, and opposes stem cell research. That’s exactly why he might be particularly effective in convincing Republican supporters that the Covid-19 pandemic is a real danger. 

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