WhatsApp’s new terms of service should come as no surprise. For years, Big Tech has been offering its users these “take it or leave it” terms of service, while eliminating competition and using our data to grow more powerful. While you were busy following the aftermath of the attempted coup on Capitol Hill, it is possible that you received a message from WhatsApp, asking you to accept its new...


We Must Stop Applying Economic Standards to Political Leadership

Joseph Schumpeter, ironically remembered for glorifying the entrepreneur’s penchant for creative destruction and...



A New Capitalisn’t Episode

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How Will the Digital Markets Act Regulate Big Tech?

While the recently introduced Digital Markets Act rules might change prior to final approval, there is a lot to consider already. What...

Is There Really a Conflict Between Better Corporate Governance and More Competitive Product Markets?

A new study shows that the supposed tradeoff between better corporate governance and more competitive product markets may not exist. More commonly-owned...

Why Isn’t the FTC Tackling Facebook’s Data-opoly?

Nothing in the FTC’s and states’ complaints’ prayer for relief seeks to give users greater control over their data, such as not...

The Non-Revolving Door Between the SEC and the Plaintiffs’ Bar

Nowhere does the “revolving door” spin more quickly than at the Securities and Exchange Commission. But, even at the SEC, not all...

Covid-19, TikTok, and Milton Friedman: ProMarket’s Top Stories of 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we look back at ProMarket’s most-read and most-widely shared stories of the past year.

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As tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Twitter grew so did their influence over the US economy and politics. Are these companies too large to regulate? Should we break them up? Where do we go from here? Catch up on ProMarket‘s coverage on the political power of Big Tech.

“A Loaded Weapon”: Francis Fukuyama on the Political Power of Digital Platforms

In an interview with ProMarket, Francis Fukuyama discusses the political threat posed by digital platforms and why he believes a “middleware” solution...

America’s Concentration Problem: a Webinar With Thomas Philippon, Chad Syverson, and Guy Rolnik

Watch a Stigler Center webinar with NYU professor Thomas Philippon and Chicago Booth professor Chad Syverson on Philippon’s new book, The Great Reversal: How...

Should We Let Facebook Decide the Next President of the United States?

Facebook admitted that only a binding regulation on political ads could prevent private corporations from influencing the outcome of US presidential elections. Without such...

“The Question Is Whether We Live in a Democracy or a Corporate State”

In an interview with ProMarket, Goliath author Matt Stoller discusses the political choices that led to the downfall of the American antimonopoly movement and the “addiction to...

In November 2020, Joe Biden was elected to be the 46th President of the United States. What will his presidency look like? What issues will his administration tackle? Catch up on ProMarket's coverage of the Biden presidency.

Income-Driven Repayment Provides a Way to Offer Student Loan Forgiveness to Those Who Need It the Most

Direct loan cancellation is not the only policy option to lower student debt. If policymakers want more targeted loan forgiveness, aimed at lower income...

Angus Deaton: “There’s Something Clearly Wrong With Our Corporate System, in Which Pharmaceutical Companies Are Allowed to Kill People for Money”

In an interview with ProMarket, Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton outlined what he believes the incoming Biden administration should do: introduce price...

What Should the Biden Administration’s Antitrust Agenda Look Like? A Roundtable

How will US antitrust policy look under President Joe Biden? We caught up with four antitrust experts—Jonathan Baker, Zephyr Teachout, William Kovacic,...

President-Elect Joe Biden and the Real Lessons of DuPont

Simply talking corporate America into being more responsible is not enough. It may get corporations to talk the talk, but not to...

Lessons from Latin America on Fighting Corruption — a Webinar

A wave of anti-corruption efforts has swept Latin America in the last few years, leading to high-profile convictions but also facing pushback from certain quarters, amid criticism of potential rule of law violations.  Around 56 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean paid a bribe in order to access a public service last year, with a record of 50 percent in Venezuela and 34 percent in Mexico, according...

Should Antitrust Promote Economic Liberty? A Webinar

Should antitrust be designed to promote economic liberty? Watch a Stigler Center webinar discussing what such a system might look like, and the potential challenges or opportunities for antitrust policy that could arise from it.

The Wirecard Saga: Germany’s Enron Moment?

How did Wirecard go from a “rockstar” to a company that fabricates customers, invents profits, and expropriates investors’ capital? Watch a Stigler Center webinar discussing the Wirecard saga and the role of regulation, auditing, and analysts.

Tech Monopolies Are the Reason the US Now Has a TikTok Problem

Tech platforms like Facebook say we should protect, empower, and celebrate their concentrated power for the sake of America’s national security. But...


How Should We Finance Higher Education If Not Through Student Debt? A New Capitalisn’t Episode

In a new episode of Capitalisn’t, Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean take a look at the student debt crisis: How did we...

Bethany McLean’s Weekend Reading List: Nursing Homes, the World’s Largest Pension Fund, and Our Make-Believe Economy

Corruption, lobbying, corporate malfeasance, and frauds: a weekly unconventional selection of must-read articles by investigative journalist Bethany McLean. 

Bethany McLean’s Weekend Reading List: Wirecard, Women in the Workplace, and Social Safety Nets

Corruption, lobbying, corporate malfeasance, and frauds: a weekly unconventional selection of must-read articles by investigative journalist Bethany McLean. 

Bethany McLean’s Weekend Reading List: Joe Biden, Private Equity, and Addictive Social Media

Corruption, lobbying, corporate malfeasance, and frauds: a weekly unconventional selection of must-read articles by investigative journalist Bethany McLean.