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Google Is So Big, it Is Now Crafting Policy to Combat the Opioid Epidemic — and Screwing it Up – [The Intercept]10.17.17


Facebook Acquires Anonymous Teen Compliment App TBH – [TechCrunch]10.17.17


Trump Says Drug Czar Nominee Tom Marino is Withdrawing After Washington Post/’60 Minutes’ Investigation – [The Washington Post]10.17.17


OpenSecrets Releases New 2015 Personal Financial Data: Senators Get Richer; Others Not So Much – [OpenSecrets] 10.16.17


The Opioid Epidemic: How Congress and Drug Company Lobbyists Worked to Neutralize the DEA – [The Washington Post] 10.15.17


Tech Giants, Once Seen as Saviors, Are Now Viewed as Threats – [The New York Times] 10.13.17


The Amazon Sales Tax Amnesty- What You Need to Know – [ecommerceChris]10.13.17


A Nobel Prize Winner Says Tech Companies Are Misusing Creativity in Their Quest to Change the World – [Quartz] 10.13.17


Serving Shareholders Doesn’t Mean Putting Profit Above All Else – [Harvard Business Review] 10.12.17


Break Up the Credit-Reporting Racket– [New Republic] 10.12.17


Democratic Rep. Seeks Google Info From FTC – [Broadcasting & Cable]10.12.17


This Is the pro-Trump Propaganda Being Quietly Broadcast on Local Stations Across the Country – [ThinkProgress] 10.12.17




Supreme Court Signals Interest in Apple’s Appeal in Consumer Lawsuit – [Bloomberg] 10.11.17


Google, Facebook and Twitter Scramble to Hold Washington at Bay – [Bloomberg] 10.10.17


Report: DOJ Review of AT&T/Time Warner Slowing with New Antitrust Chief – [Seeking Alpha] 10.09.17


Gary Cohn Is Giving Goldman Sachs Everything It Ever Wanted From the Trump Administration – [The Intercept]10.08.17


EU Conducts Inspections Over Limits to Bank Account Access – [Reuters]10.06.17


U.S. Slaps Additional Tariff on Bombardier, Quadrupling Price of its Jet After Boeing Complaint – [The Seattle Times] 10.06.17


Monsanto Banned From European Parliament – [The Guardian] 10.05.17


Wells Fargo Executives, Board Must Face Lawsuit Over Fake Accounts, Federal Judge Says – [Reuters] 10.05.17


What if DuPont Had Gone Green in North Carolina? – [North Carolina Health News] 10.05.17


How the EU Takes on Amazon, Apple, and Google for Tax and Antitrust Violations – [Quartz] 10.04.17


Facebook Is About to Get Slammed by U.S. Populist Backlash, Says Early Uber Investor Calacanis – [CNBC]10.04.17


‘Simply Doesn’t Cut it’: Elizabeth Warren Slams Wells Fargo’s Board Changes – [Business Insider] 10.03.17


Anti-Monopoly Candidates Are Testing a New Politics in the Midterms– [The Intercept] 10.01.17


American Airlines CEO: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Ever Going to Lose Money Again’ – [CNBC] 09.29.17


Treasury Removes Paper at Odds With Mnuchin’s Take on Corporate-Tax Cut’s Winners – [Wall Street Journal]09.29.17


A $6.4 Billion Windfall Awaits Big U.S. Banks in Trump’s Tax Cut – [Bloomberg] 09.29.17


The Trump Administration Now Has its First Antitrust Regulator – [Recode]09.28.17


When Polluting Is in a Company’s Rational Self-Interest – [Houston Chronicle] 09.27.17


Are Facebook, Google and Amazon Too Big? Why That Question Keeps Coming Up – [USA Today] 09.26.17


Facebook Wants to Know: Is it Good or Bad? – [The Guardian] 09.26.17


 I Asked Tinder For My Data. It Sent Me 800 Pages of My Deepest, Darkest Secrets – [The Guardian] 09.26.17


Why “Fake News” Is an Antitrust Problem – [Vox] 09.26.17


John Oliver on Competition and Antitrust – [Last Week Tonight with John Oliver] 09.25.17


Uber’s Business is Based On Regulatory Arbitrage – [Business Insider] 09.24.17


Facebook’s Ad Scandal Isn’t a ‘Fail,’ It’s a Feature – [New York Times] 09.24.17


A Whistleblower Takes On Charlotte School of Law – [The American Lawyer] 09.23.17


These Are the Billionaires Paying Trump’s Legal Bills – [ThinkProgress] 09.22.17


Uber Loses License to Operate in London – [New York Times] 09.22.17


Big Technology Firms Are Newly in the Hot Seat at Home – [The Economist] 09.21.17


A Start-Up Slump Is a Drag on the Economy. Big Business May Be to Blame – [New York Times] 09.21.17


Do Tech Companies Really Need All That User Data? – [Harvard Business Review] 09.21.17 


McKinsey has Closed its Eyes in South Africa – [Financial Times] 09.21.17


Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web – [New York Times] 09.20.17


Regulator Settled with Wells Fargo for 100 Times Less Than Law Allowed – [Marketwatch] 09.19.17


Systemic Risk Council Comments on the Treasury Departments June 2017 Report – [The Systemic Risk Council]09.19.17


How Democrats Can Wage War on Monopolies—and Win – [New Republic]09.19.17


Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year – [Bloomberg] 09.18.17


Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year – [Bloomberg] 09.18.17


Margrethe Vestager’s Growing American Fan Club – [Politico] 09.18.17


Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year – [Bloomberg] 09.18.17


Margrethe Vestager’s Growing American Fan Club – [Politico] 09.18.17


Big Tech Makes Vast Gains at Our Expense – [Financial Times] 09.18.17


The Seven Sins of Economists – [Livemint] 09.17.17


Out of the Swamp… or Into the Shadows? – [] 09.17.17


Pop Culture is Far Ahead of Washington When it Comes to Monopoly Politics – [ The Intercept] 09.16.17


A Short Story That Shows Why the Anti-Big Tech Push is Doomed – [Business Insider] 09.16.17


Democratic Holdouts On “Medicare For All” Have Received Twice As Much Insurance Industry Cash As Sponsors– [ MapLight] 09.14.17


Up Next for the United Tech-Rockwell Tie-Up: The Antitrust Ordeal – [Wall Street Journal] 09.14.17


Equifax Isn’t A Data Problem. It’s A Political Problem – [Huff Post] 09.14.17


The Empire of Apple – [The Atlantic] 09.13.17


There’s Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley – [BuzzFeed] 09.12.17


RBC: Google Is in the ‘Crosshairs’ of Antitrust Regulators – and Should be Kicked Out of FANG – [Markets Insider] 09.11.17


How Silicon Valley Is Erasing Your Individuality – [The Washington Post] 09.11.17


France, Germany, Italy, Spain Seek Tax on Digital Giants’ Revenues – [Reuters] 09.09.17


Intelligence Oversight Committees Are Being Stocked With Former Intelligence Agency Employees – [Techdirt] 09.09.17


Jamie Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret—Revealed – [Vanity Fair] 09.08.17


Jamie Dimon Ventures Beyond Wall Street to Have a Say in Washington – [Reuters] 09.08.17


California Water Policy Conference Sponsored By… the Usual Corporate Suspects – [Red, Green, and Blue] 09.08.17


What To Do About Google? – [Forbes]09.08.17


The Power Of Facebook, Google And Amazon Is An Issue For Left And Right – [Buzzfeed] 09.07.17


5 Different Things People Mean When They Say We Need to Revive Antitrust– [Vox] 09.07.17


Breaking From Tech Giants, Democrats Consider Becoming an Antimonopoly Party – [Washington Post] 09.05.17


For Years, Chemical Industry Has Pressured Government To Defund Key Chemical Incident Database – [International Business Times] 09.04.17


EU’s Comments on Blame Congress for high Health-Care Costs – [The Economist] 09.04.17


EU’s Vestager Says Essilor-Luxottica Merger Requires Thorough Vetting – [Reuters] 09.02.17


Corporate America Silenced Researchers Before. Now They’re Doing it Again – [The Guardian] 09.02.17


Trump, DeVos, and the Creation of an American Oligarchy – [New York Magazine] 09.01.17


Google Critic Ousted From Think Tank Funded by the Tech Giant – [New York Times] 08.30.17


Donald Trump’s Debt to Deutsche Bank – [Financial Times] 08.30.17


How to Get Rich in Trump’s Washington – [New York Times] 08.30.17


Radical Reforms Learnt From Roosevelt – [Financial Times] 08.29.17


Alphabet’s Google to Inform EU Antitrust Regulators on Compliance Plan – [Reuters] 08.29.17


Should We Stop the ‘Revolving Door’? – [Chicago Booth Review] 08.28.17


Antitrust Is Back – But The Media Industry Doesn’t Need It – [Forbes]08.28.17


The Democrats Rediscover Antitrust – [The Hill] 08.28.17


Big Tech Can No Longer Be Allowed to Police Itself – [Financial Times] 08.28.17


The Real Price of Those Cheaper Avocados – [Slate] 08.28.17


Amazon Fires Opening Shot in Feared Whole Foods Price War – [Financial Times] 08.25.17


Trump’s Antitrust Nominee, Rife With Conflicts, Puts Democrats To The Test– [Huff Post] 08.25.17


Samsung Heir Is Found Guilty of Corruption in Blockbuster Trial – [New York Times] 08.25.17


The Market Power Story – [Noahpinion] 08.24.17


Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Clears Last Two Major Hurdles – [New York Times] 08.24.17


America’s Most Winner-Take-All Industry, Visualized – [Bloomberg]08.24.17


Business Groups Court White House Even After C.E.O. Defections – [New York Times] 08.23.17


Google and Walmart Partner With Eye on Amazon – [New York Times]08.23.17


Silicon Valley Isn’t Special – [Bloomberg] 08.23.17


‘Serious Doubts’ Over Bayer and Monsanto’s $57 Billion Megadeal, Says EU – [Wall Street Journal] 08.22.17


AT&T-Time Warner Deal Challenged by Brazil Antitrust Agency – [Bloomberg] 08.22.17


And Just Like That, Google Becomes The World’s Largest Job Board – [FastCo Design] 08.21.17


Who Is Lobbying Mike Pence And Why? Health Insurers and Big Oil Seek To Influence Vice President – [International Business Times] 08.19.17


Carl Icahn’s Failed Raid on Washington – [The New Yorker] 08.19.17


Trump Threatened to Kill the AT&T-Time Warner Deal, But It’s Very Much Alive – [Wall Street Journal] 08.17.17


Facebook’s Willingness to Copy Rivals’ Apps Seen as Hurting Innovation – [Washington Post] 08.17.17


Trump Threatened to Kill the AT&T-Time Warner Deal, But It’s Very Much Alive – [Wall Street Journal] 08.17.17


FCC’s Favors for Sinclair Are the Natural Byproduct of a Pro-Industry Agenda – [TechCrunch] 08.16.17


How a Conservative TV Giant Is Ridding Itself of Regulation – [New York Times] 08.14.17


Wells Fargo Accused of Ripping Off Mom-and-Pop Shops – [CNN Money]08.14.17



The Absolute Dominance of Google Chrome, in One Chart – [Business Insider] 08.13.17


Google Doesn’t Want What’s Best for Us – [New York Times] 08.13.17



Chinese Developers Target Apple With Antitrust Suit – [Business Insider] 08.12.17


Drug Industry Faces ‘Tidal Wave’ of Litigation Over Opioid Crisis – [Financial Times] 08.12.17


Who Is Winning With the Fiduciary Rule? Wall Street – [Wall Street Journal] 08.11.17


Behind the Google Diversity Memo Furor is Fear of Google’s Vast, Opaque Power – [Vox] 08.11.17


Trump Hotel in Washington Saw Strong Profit in First Four Months of 2017 – [Wall Street Journal] 08.11.17



Who Was Convicted Because of the Global Financial Crisis? – [Financial Times] 08.10.17


The New Copycats: How Facebook Squashes Competition From Startups – [Wall Street Journal] 08.09.17


Sinclair Deal Draws Unlikely Opponent: Conservative News Media – [New York Times] 08.09.17


Neomi Rao, the Scholar Who Will Help Lead Trump’s Regulatory Overhaul – [New York Times] 08.07.17


Pilotless Planes Could Save Airlines Billions. But Would Anyone Fly? – [CNN Money] 08.07.17


Financial Firm Fines Are Way Down Under Trump – [Naked Capitalism] 08.07.17


How Britain Fell Out of Love with the Free Market – [The Guardian] 08.06.17


Issue Brief: A Communications Oligopoly on Steroids – [Equitable Growth] 08.04.17


Wells Fargo Shares Fall After Filing Warns May Find ‘Significant Increase’ in Unauthorized Accounts – [CNBC] 08.04.17


Chuck Schumer: A Better Deal for American Workers – [New York Times]08.03.17


Bust Up America’s Monopolies Before They Do More Harm – [Bloomberg]08.03.17


Democrats Have a Plan to Take Back Populism – [Vox] 08.03.17


Economists Are Cheating Their Profession – [Bloomberg] 08.02.17


US Regulator Moves to Loosen Volcker Rule – [Financial Times] 08.02.17


Making Sense of Our Very Competitive, Super Monopolistic Economy – [Harvard Business Review] 07.31.17


Monopoly Was Invented to Demonstrate the Evils of Capitalism – [BBC Capital] 07.31.17


Teamsters Convince Congress to Block Driverless Trucks – [The Next Web]07.31.17


Senator Warren Calls On Fed to Remove Wells Fargo Board Members – [Reuters] 07.29.17


Amazon Everywhere: E-Commerce Titan Is Topic Companies Can’t Avoid– [Reuters] 07.29.17


Wells Fargo Faces Angry Questions After New Sales Abuses Uncovered – [Reuters] 07.29.17


Tobacco Shares Plunge After FDA Proposes Cut to Cigarette Nicotine – [Bloomberg] 07.28.17


The Amazon Effect Convulses a Febrile Wall Street – [Financial Times] 07.28.17


Laurene Powell Jobs has bought The Atlantic – [Recode] 07.28.17


Steve Bannon Wants Facebook and Google Regulated Like Utilities – [The Intercept] 07.27.17


Want to Get Rid of Trump? Only Fox News Can Do It – [New York Times]07.27.17


It’s Time to Fear Amazon – [The Next Web] 07.26.17


Volkswagen Says Cooperation With Rivals Is Common Industry Practice – [Reuters] 07.26.17


The Man Who Got Americans to Eat Trash Fish Is Now a Billionaire – [Bloomberg] 07.24.17


The Government Should Fight ‘Corporate Villainy’ in Tech, Senator Cory Booker Says – [Recode] 07.24.17


Why Tech Companies Are Spending So Much to Lobby the U.S. Government on Tax Reform Donald Trump – [Recode] 07.23.17


The Formula Democrats Need: Less Clintonism, Less Sandersism, More Warrenism Donald Trump – [Business Insider] 07.22.17



Current Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions Donald Trump – [ Office of Management and Budget] 07.22.17


Uber’s Newest D.C. Lobbyist: A Top Fundraiser for President Donald Trump – [ Recode] 07.21.17


Senator Cory Booker Thinks the U.S. Government Should Keep an Eye on the Size of Amazon, Google and Other Tech Giants – [ Recode] 07.21.17


Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up? – [Bloomberg] 07.20.17


How Google Tries To Buy Government– [Forbes] 07.19.17


Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money – [New York Times] 07.17.17


Congress Trying to Sneak Through Major Giveaway to Defense – [The Intercept] 07.14.17


U.S. Attorney General Urged to Consider Blocking AT&T Deal for Time Warner – [Reuters] 07.13.17


The Unexpected Political Power of Dentists – [Washington Post] 07.13.17


The New Yardsticks of Investigative Journalism – [Columbia Journalism Review] 07.13.17


Newspapers Seek Antitrust Exemptions to Fight Google and Facebook – [Salon] 07.12.17


The Return of Monopoly – [New Republic] 07.12.17


Google Responds to Wall Street Journal Accusations of Paying Professors – [The Next Web] 07.12.17


Regulatory Capture of the FCC: Stacking the Deck with the New Proposed Republican Commissioner – [Huffington Post] 07.10.17


Newspaper Groups Join Forces to Deal With Facebook and Google – [Financial Times] 07.10.17


NYT and Other Papers to Pols: Save Us From Facebook-Google! – [AdAge] 07.10.17


News Outlets to Seek Bargaining Rights Against Google and Facebook – [New York Times] 07.10.17


A Top Democrat Is Worried Trump Interfered in the Government’s Review of the AT&T-Time Warner Deal – [Recode] 07.09.17


The Next Battle in Antitrust Will Be About Whether One Company Knows Everything About You – [Harvard Business Review] 07.09.17


You Should Be Outraged At Google’s Anti-Competitive Behavior – [Washington Post] 07.07.17


Google Faces a Second Massive Fine From the EU — This Time Over Android – [Business Insider] 07.05.17


Google’s Battle With the European Union is the World’s Biggest Economic Policy Story – [Vox] 07.04.17


Former Barclays Bosses Head to Court Over Fraud Charges – [Financial Times] 07.03.17


EU Considers Tougher Competition Powers – [Financial Times] 07.03.17


The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices – [Bloomberg] 07.03.17


The Big Consequence of the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal No One’s Talking About – [Washington Post] 07.01.17


A Way to Own Your Social-Media Data – [New York Times] 06.30.17


Nike Thought It Didn’t Need Amazon—Then the Ground Shifted – [Wall Street Journal] 06.29.17


7 Random Obama-Era Regulations Republicans Decided to Roll Back – [Business Insider] 06.28.17


Why Europe Got Tough on Google But the U.S. Couldn’t – [Washington Post] 06.28.17


UK Regulator Calls For Radical Shake-Up of £7tn Investment Sector – [Financial Times] 06.28.17


Google Gets Record $2.7 Billion EU Fine for Skewing Searches – [Bloomberg] 06.27.17


Google Fined $2.7BN for EU Antitrust Violations Over Shopping Searches – [TechCrunch] 06.27.17


Yelp, Oracle and News Corp Have Signed a Letter Supporting EU Action Against Google – [Recode] 06.27.17


The Wrong Kind of Entrepreneurs Flourish in America – [Bloomberg]06.26.17


Google Faces €1bn Day of Reckoning in Brussels – [Financial Times] 06.25.17


Amazon Bites Off Even More Monopoly Power – [The New York Times] 06.21.17


Conglomerates Didn’t Die. They Look Like Amazon – [The New York Times] 06.21.17


James M. Buchanan: The Architect of the Radical Right – [The Atlantic] 06.20.17


New Poll of Rural Americans Shows Deep Cultural Divide with Urban Residents – [Washington Post] 06.17.17


Trump’s Drug Price ‘Remedy’ Expected to be Industry Friendly – [Politico] 06.17.17


Policing the Power of Tech Giants – [Axios] 06.17.17


Trump Owes Lenders At Least $315 million, Disclosure Shows – [Reuters] 06.17.17


The U.S. Is Where the Rich Are the Richest – [Bloomberg] 06.16.17


Amazon’s Margin-Crusher Invades the Grocery Store – [Wall Street Journal] 06.16.17


What Amazon’s Audience Match Tool Means For Advertisers – [AdExchanger]06.16.17


Open Markets Condemns Amazon Plan to Buy Whole Foods – [New America] 06.16.17


Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch: Inside the Billionaire Bromance – [The Guardian] 06.16.17


Tech CEOs Cook, Bezos, Catz Said to Attend Kushner-Led Summit – [Bloomberg] 06.11.17


Amazon’s Quiet Domination Merits Greater Scrutiny – [Financial Times] 06.09.17


Drain the Swamp? Not If This Guy Can Help It – [Washington Post] 06.05.17


Frightened By Donald Trump? You Don’t Know the Half of it – [The Guardian] 06.02.17


Silicon Valley’s CEO Worship Problem– [Salon] 06.02.17


Taibbi on Republicans and Democrats Blocking Drug Reimportation – [Rolling Stone] 06.02.17


Auto Dealerships Are America’s Most Powerful Middlemen – [Houston Chronicle] 06.02.17


The Numbers Are In: A Single-Payer Health System in California Would Cover Everyone and Save Tens of Billions a Year – [AlterNet] 06.02.17


Net Neutrality Activists Have Already Lost, According to These Execs – [Washington Post] 06.01.17


Walmart is Asking Employees to Deliver Packages on Their Way Home From Work – [Washington Post] 06.01.17


Google Plans to Clean Up the Web with Chrome Ad Blocker Next Year – [The Verge] 06.01.17


The New York Times Killed the Public Editor Job Just When it’s Needed Most– [Poynter] 06.01.17


Wilbur Ross and the Sugar Barons: How a Mexican Trade Deal Got Sticky– [Financial Times] 05.31.17


Polanyi, the Failed Prophet of Moral Economics – [Boston Review] 05.31.17


New Competitive Global Elite Emerges in IMD Business School’s Latest World Competitiveness Ranking – [IMD]05.31.17


Facebook Shareholders to Confront Zuckerberg Over Fake News – [Financial Times] 05.31.17


What’s My Investing Fee? A Frustrating Quest – [Wall Street Journal] 05.31.17


Citing Housing Shortage, Builders Push for Friendlier Laws – [Wall Street Journal] 05.30.17


Republicans Still Believe It’s ‘Makers’ Versus ‘Takers’ – [Bloomberg] 05.30.17


Drug Lobbyists’ Battle Cry Over Prices: Blame the Others – [New York Times] 05.30.17


High-Priced Drugs Raise Costs For Seniors in Medicare Part D – [Wall Street Journal] 05.29.17


U.S. Companies No Longer Know Rules of Game Under Trump, Hasbro Director Says – [Reuters] 05.29.17


What Economic Policies Do Americans Need? Just Ask Them – [Bloomberg] 05.26.17


Enforcement Chief to Step Down at Financial Derivatives Regulator – [The New York Times] 05.26.17


Trump Administration Conflicts Of Interest: How Gary Cohn Could Sell U.S. Infrastructure To Goldman Sachs– [International Business Times] 05.26.17


Montana Hospital Prices Are Out of Control, Legislator Says – [Great Falls Tribune] 05.26.17


The Dark Heart of California Water Politics: Big Ag & Big Oil Regulatory Capture – [Elk Grove News] 05.23.17


$110 Billion Weapons Sale to Saudis Has Jared Kushner’s Personal Touch – [New York Times] 05.19.17


Roll Call Reporter Says F.C.C. Security Pinned Him to a Wall – [New York Times] 05.19.17


Is There A Gas Line Near Your House? How Anadarko Petroleum Killed A Bill Forcing Fossil Fuel Companies To Tell Homeowners – [International Business Times] 05.17.17


There Is a Conversation in the US About Whether Antitrust Law Should be Rethought – [Financial Times] 05.14.17


Washington Welcomes the Wealthiest– [New York Times] 05.14.17


Sinclair Requires TV Stations to Air Segments That Tilt to the Right – [New York Times] 05.13.17


Why Are Economists Giving Piketty the Cold Shoulder? – [Boston Review] 05.12.17


Luigi Zingales: Today’s Monopolies Are Yesterday’s Startups – [Chicago Booth Review] 05.11.17


How Corn Took Over American Farms– [Bloomberg] 05.11.17


Europe’s Top Court Leaning Towards Dealing Uber a Big Regulatory Blow – [TechCrunch] 05.11.17


Deficiencies That Public Utility Regulation Can Cure – [Financial Times] 05.10.17


Comcast and Charter Just Showed Everyone How to Do Antitrust Violations Right – [Gizmodo] 05.10.17


Fuel of the Future: Data is Giving Rise to a New Economy – [The Economist] 05.05.17


Congress Is Right to Be Upset With America’s Airlines – [The Economist] 05.03.17


Airline Leaders Lambasted at Hearing on Passenger Treatment – [Bloomberg] 05.02.17


‘I’m an Ex-Facebook Exec: Don’t Believe What They Tell You About Ads’– [The Guardian] 05.02.17


Donald Trump’s Pluto-Populism Laid Bare – [Financial Times] 05.02.17


What Fintech Is Going to Do to Banking – [Financial Times] 05.02.17


How Congress Could Make Steve Bannon’s Wildest Dream Come True – [The Fiscal Times] 05.02.17


Trump Weighs Breaking Up Wall Street Banks, Raising U.S. Gas Tax – [Bloomberg] 05.01.17


The Cost of Barack Obama’s Speech – [New York Times] 05.01.17


Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been a Moneymaking Success Story – [Vox] 04.28.17


WPP to Limit Martin Sorrell’s Pay to Just Over £13m From 2021 – [Financial Times] 04.28.17


Stanley Fischer Defends the Revolving Door Between Wall Street and the Fed —Without Mentioning He’s Part of it – [Business Insider] 04.28.17


Wells Fargo Shakes Up Washington Lobbying After Accounts Scandal – [Bloomberg] 04.27.17


Larry Summers: Trump Is Undermining His Own Treasury Secretary – [The Washington Post] 04.27.17


Trump’s FCC Has Begun Its Attack on Net Neutrality – [The Nation] 04.26.17


How Trump’s Pick for Top Antitrust Cop May Shape Competition – [New York Times] 04.26.17


Regulator Outlines Net-Neutrality Rollback – [Wall Street Journal] 04.26.17


Britain’s Leaders Have Lost Their Way – We Need People Who Put Country Before Self-Interest – [The Telegraph] 04.26.17


Wells Fargo Record Shareholder Rebellion Does Not Mark End of Woes– [Financial Times] 04.26.17


California Health Care Bill: Big Corporate Money Opposes Single-Payer Proposal – [International Business Times] 04.25.17


AT&T’s Words on Time Warner Deal Say ‘Underdog.’ Its Actions Speak Otherwise – [New York Times] 04.23.17


Elizabeth Warren on Big Banks and Their (Cozy Bedmate) Regulators – [New York Times] 04.23.17


Why Some Scientists Are Embracing Activism – [Wall Street Journal] 04.22.17


Is It Time to Break Up Google? – [New York Times] 04.22.17


FTC Sets Its Sights On Occupational Licensing – [Forbes] 04.22.17


How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All – [The Atlantic] 04.21.17


Why the Decline In the Number of Listed American Firms Matters – [The Economist] 04.21.17


US Media Outlets Look to Bridge Partisan Divides – [Financial Times] 04.21.17


Google Is a Monopoly — And It’s Crushing the Internet – [The Week] 04.21.17


F.C.C. Leader Seeks Tech Companies’ Views on Net Neutrality – [New York Times] 04.21.17


Want to Rescue Rural America? Bust Monopolies. – [The Washington Post] 04.21.17


Verizon, for First Time, Loses Core Wireless Customers – [Wall Street Journal] 04.20.17



The Evidence is Piling Up — Silicon Valley Is Being Destroyed – [Business Insider] 04.19.17


As Trump Drifts Away From Populism, His Supporters Grow Watchful – [New York Times] 04.19.17


The Washington Post Pours Some Sugar on Gary Cohn – [Politico] 04.18.17


Trump’s No Populist. He’s a Swamp Monster – [The Washington Post] 04.18.17


Can the Consumer Watchdog Trump Loathes Win an Ohio Election? – [Politico] 04.17.17


Google Caves to Russian Antitrust Regulators – [The Moscow Times] 04.17.17


Poll: People Won’t Fly United If Another Airline Has An Identical Flight – [Morning Consult] 04.17.17


NY Fed Boss May Have Blabbed During Blackout – [New York Post] 04.17.17


Trump Just Appointed a Chemical Industry Honcho to Protect Us From Chemicals – [Mother Jones] 04.16.17


Philanthropy In America Is Becoming ‘Ideological Arms Race,’ Author Says – [NPR] 04.16.17


It’s Official: Donald Trump is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Nonprofit Journalism – [Inside Philanthropy] 04.16.17


White House to Keep Its Visitor Logs Secret – [New York Times] 04.15.17


How United Turned the Friendly Skies Into a Flying Hellscape – [Wired]04.14.17


The University of Chicago Worries About a Lack of Competition – [The Economist] 04.12.17


Boycotting United Will Never Work. Here’s Why – [Bloomberg] 04.14.17


Trump Reversals Hint at Wall Street Wing’s Sway in White House – [New York Times] 04.13.17


The University of Chicago Worries About a Lack of Competition – [The Economist] 04.12.17


Donald Trump Healthcare: Anthem CEO Talks With Trump As Insurance Giant Pushes For Cigna Merger Approval – [International Business Times] 04.12.17


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Sweden’s richest 1% of households control 24% of the population’s wealth; Japan’s only 4.3% – [The Economist] 06.05.16


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