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6 Ways to Rein In Today’s Toxic Monopolies – [The Nation] 02.19.18


A Viral Video Revealed Big Energy’s Stranglehold on West Virginia Politics– [Vice] 02.19.18


As Whole Foods Merges With Amazon, Local Suppliers Watch and Worry – [CNN Money] 02.19.18


The Market Failures of Big Tech – [Financial Times] 02.19.18


Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of ‘Disruption’ – [The Atlantic] 02.19.18


Competition in Changing Times – [European Commission] 02.17.18


To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook – [The New York Times] 02.17.18


How the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Changed Gun Laws – [The New York Times] 02.16.18


How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s E.P.A. – [The New York Times] 02.15.18


F.C.C. Watchdog Looks Into Changes That Benefited Sinclair – [The New York Times] 02.15.18


Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market – [The Nation]02.15.18


Special Investigation: The Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions – [The Nation] 02.15.18


How Monopolies Gamed the System – [The Nation] 02.15.18


IRS to Ban Hedge-Fund Tax Dodge on Carried Interest – [Bloomberg] 02.15.18


Guns and Votes: The Victory of an Intense Minority Against an Apathetic Majority – [] 02.15.18


This Gutsy Tactic Could Make or Break the AT&T-Time Warner Court Fight – [Washington Post] 02.14.18


Opioid Makers Gave Millions to Patient Advocacy Groups to Sway Prescribing – [Stat] 02.14.18


CBS, Viacom CEOs Met Friday to Discuss Deal: Sources – [CNBC] 02.14.18


Money Spent on Lobbying Skyrocketed During Tax Overhaul – [AP News] 02.13.18


Tech Companies Are the New Investment Banks – [Financial Times]02.13.18


After Gains in Virginia, Democrats’ First Big Move Is a Fat Giveaway to the State’s Energy Monopoly – [The Intercept] 02.13.18


What A Battle Over Virginia’s Most Powerful Monopoly Can Teach Democrats Everywhere – [Huff Post]02.13.18


Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook—and the World – [Wired]02.12.18


GOP Law Enforcement Chiefs Invited Donors to Help Set Policy Via Secret Bulletin Board – [The Intercept] 02.12.18


Insider Trading Has Been Rife on Wall Street, Academics Conclude – [The Economist] 02.12.18


Marijuana Can Save Lives – [The New York Times] 02.10.18


Google Guilty Of Anti-Competitive Conduct, Says Competition Regulator– [BloombergQuint] 02.09.18


Silicon Valley’s Tax-Avoiding, Job-Killing, Soul-Sucking Machine – [Esquire] 02.08.18


India’s Antitrust Watchdog Fines Google for Abusing Dominant Position– [Reuters] 02.08.18


Drug Industry Wages Opioid Fight Using an Anti-Addiction Ally – [The New York Times] 02.08.18


What’s Hidden in the Senate Spending Bill? – [The New York Times] 02.08.18


Cryptocurrencies Come to Campus – [The New York Times] 02.08.18


Is Tech Dividing America? – [Politico] 02.07.18


Trump’s Crackdown on AT&T-Time Warner Is Infuriating Big Media — to the Benefit of Amazon, Netflix and Others – [CNBC] 02.07.18


Antitrust Policy Must Account for Hidden Culprits: Hedge Funds – [The Hill] 02.07.18


Facebook Hired a Full-Time Pollster to Monitor Zuckerberg’s Approval Ratings – [The Verge] 02.06.18


Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built – [The New York Times] 02.06.18


A Backlash Is Mounting in Cities Bidding for Amazon’s HQ2 – [Bloomberg] 02.06.18


Finally, Tech’s Elite Speak Out Against Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Power – [Mashable] 02.06.18


Sociologist’s Research on Filipino Leader Reveals Insights Into Populist Politics – [UChicago News] 02.05.18


Amazon to Pay France $250 Million in Back Taxes – [USA Today] 02.05.18


Global Shipping Business Tied to Mitch McConnell, Secretary Elaine Chao Shrouded in Offshore Tax Haven – [The Intercept] 02.05.18


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reportedly Scales Back Probe Of Equifax – [Huff Post] 02.05.18


Federal Reserve Shackles Wells Fargo After Fraud Scandal – [The New York Times] 02.03.18


How Much Money You Need to Earn to Be In the Top 1% at Every Age – [Business Insider] 02.02.18


Under Trump’s SEC, Wall Street Secrecy Expands as Enforcement Shrinks – [The Intercept] 02.01.18


U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Independence of Consumer Watchdog Agency – [The Washington Post] 02.01.18


Amazon Aims To Block Its Own Shareholders’ Questions About Growth – [International Business Times] 02.01.18


Koch Industries Gave $300,000 To GOP Lawmakers Just Before Tax Vote – [International Business Times] 02.01.18


Why You Cannot Quit Amazon Prime — Even If Maybe You Should – [The Washington Post] 02.01.18


4 New Trump Corruption Stories From the Last Day Alone – [New York] 01.31.18


Trump Health Official Quits After Tobacco Shares Purchase – [Financial Times] 01.31.18


Tech Companies Are Under Pressure Everywhere Except Where It Matters – [The Intercept] 01.31.18


Lobbying’s Top 50 Pour $540M Into Influence Campaigns – [The Hill] 01.31.18


Google Rivals Ask EU to Toughen Measures in Antitrust Case – [Wall Street Journal] 01.31.18


Apple’s Sweetheart Tax Deal – [] 01.30.18


Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Form Health Care Mega-Company – [Axios] 01.30.18


Exclusive: Republican Outside Groups Raise $31.6 Million, Record Amounts For Midterms – [USA Today] 01.29.18


Paul Ryan Thanks Koch Network Donors For Helping Pass Tax Cuts That Benefit Them – [International Business Times] 01.29.18


Koch Network Plans to Spend $400 Million in U.S. Midterm Cycle – [Bloomberg] 01.29.18


Qualcomm Is Fined For Anti-Competitive Practices—Again – [The Economist] 01.29.18


Rupert Murdoch’s Plan to Make Facebook Pay For News – [The Washington Post] 01.29.18


Will tech Giants Move On From the Internet, Now We’ve All Been Harvested? – [The Guardian] 01.28.18


The Dangers of Digital Democracy – [Financial Times] 01.28.18


Why Is Pay Lagging? Maybe Too Many Mergers in the Heartland – [The New York Times] 01.26.18


At Davos, George Soros Tears Into Facebook and Google – [Quartz] 01.26.18


Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google Spent Nearly $50 Million — A Record — to Influence the U.S. Government in 2017 – [ReCode] 01.26.18


White House Nominates 4 to FTC – [Politico] 01.26.18


A Lawsuit Over Credit Card Fees Could Further Empower Big Tech – [Bloomberg] 01.25.18


World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer Resigns – [Wall Street Journal] 01.24.18


Tech Says No to AT&T’s Net Neutrality Pitch – [Axios] 01.24.18


Government Watchdog Probes Fake Public Comments on Regulations Before Agencies – [Wall Street Journal] 01.24.18


Google Outspends Tech Rivals on Washington Lobbying in 2017 – [Bloomberg] 01.24.18


Statement by Commissioner Vestager on Commission Decision to Fine Qualcomm For Abuse of Market Dominance in LTE Baseband Chipsets – [European Commission] 01.24.18


Rupert Murdoch’s Plan to Make Facebook Pay For News – [The Washington Post] 01.24.18


Newly Defanged, Top Consumer Protection Agency Drops Investigation of High-Cost Lender – [ProPublica] 01.23.18


CFPB Drops Investigation Into Payday Lender That Contributed To Mick Mulvaney’s Campaigns – [International Business Times] 01.23.18


Lobbyists Romp in Trump’s Washington – [The New York Times] 01.23.18


How CVS Uses its Market Power to Destroy Competing Independent Pharmacies – [The American Prospect] 01.23.18


After A Year, Top Trump Staffers Still Working Without Certified Financial Disclosures – [McClatchy DC] 01.23.18


Once Cozy With Silicon Valley, Democrats Grow Wary of Tech Giants – [The New York Times] 01.23.18


It’s Hard for an Index-Fund Guy to Push Social Change – [Bloomberg] 01.23.18


Richest 1% Got 82% of the World’s Wealth Last Year, Bottom Half Got Nothing – [Marketwatch] 01.22.18


Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law – [HuffPost] 01.22.18


Delrahim Says Criminal No-Poach Cases Are In The Works – [Law360] 01.22.18


Opposition to Removal of Texas Superfund Site Funded in Part by Waste Management – [The Hill] 01.19.18


The Techlash Against Amazon, Facebook and Google—and What They Can Do – [The Economist] 01.19.18


What Amazon Does to Wages – [The Economist] 01.19.18


This Explains Why Modern Markets Developed Where They Did – [Bloomberg] 01.18.18


Apple Is Blocking an App That Detects Net Neutrality Violations From the App Store – [Motherboard] 01.18.18


Goldman Sachs and Ken Griffin Funds Give Big to Obama Foundation – [Bloomberg] 01.18.18


Koch-Linked Dark Money Organization Seals 2016 Tax Return Section From Public Scrutiny – [MapLight] 01.17.18


Apple to Pay $38 Billion in U.S. Taxes on Foreign Cash, Open New Campus – [Reuters] 01.17.18


The Antitrust Case Against Facebook, Google and Amazon – [Wall Street Journal] 01.17.18


BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support – [The New York Times] 01.16.18


How Much Money Has Trump Made From His Hotels And Golf Clubs? – [International Business Times] 01.16.18


Trump Benefited From ‘Extraordinary’ Influx Of ‘Dark Money’ In Final Days Of 2016 Campaign: Study – [International Business Times] 01.16.18


Chile Slams World Bank Amid Charges of Political Bias – [The New York Times] 01.16.18


Could Peter Thiel Buy Gawker, the Site He Helped Destroy? – [Vanity Fair] 01.15.18


Corporate America Celebrated Tax Cuts by Laying Off Workers – [Vice] 01.15.18


The Emerging Trump Doctrine on Mergers and Antitrust – [The Hill] 01.15.18


World Bank Unfairly Influenced Its Own Competitiveness Rankings – [Wall Street Journal] 01.12.18


Facebook Finally Blinks – [The Atlantic] 01.12.18


Should Internet Firms Pay for the Data Users Currently Give Away? – [The Economist] 01.12.18


States Push Back After Net Neutrality Repeal – [The New York Times] 01.11.18


Walmart Is Abruptly Closing 63 Sam’s Club Stores and Laying Off Thousands of Workers – [Business Insider] 01.11.18


Uncovering Through Discovery – [Jotwell] 01.10.18


Tech Backlash Grows as Investors Press Apple to Act on Children’s Use – [The New York Times] 01.10.18


Facebook and Google’s Dirty Secret: They’re Really Junk Mail Empires – [The Daily Beast] 01.10.18


Federal Regulator Rejects Energy Department’s Bid To Prop Up Coal, Nuclear – [NPR] 01.09.18


Make It Easier to Work Without a License – [Wall Street Journal] 01.09.18


Israel’s Anti-Trust Regulator to Look at Internet Giants – [Reuters] 01.08.18


Is “Fake News” A Competitive Problem? – [Competition Policy International] 01.07.17


How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us – [Washington Monthly] 01.07.17


Massive New Data Set Suggests Economic Inequality Is About to Get Even Worse – [The Washington Post] 01.05.17


FCC Prepares To Weaken Broadband’s Definition To Hide Competitive, Coverage Issues – [Techdirt] 01.05.17


The US Donor Relief Act of 2017 – [Project Syndicate] 01.05.17


Why Universal Health Care Needs Antitrust – [Democracy Journal] 01.04.17


The World’s 13 Most Efficient, Open, and Competitive Economies – [Business Insider] 01.04.17


‘It’s a Giant Present to the Tax Lobbying Community’ – [Politico] 01.03.17


Petrobras of Brazil to Pay $2.95 Billion Over Corruption Scandal – [The New York Times] 01.03.17


EU Asks: Does Control of ‘Big Data’ Kill Competition? – [Wall Street Journal] 01.03.17


What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists? – [The New York Times] 01.02.17


Bank of England Plots its Own Bitcoin-Style Digital Currency – [The Telegraph] 01.02.17


Why the U.S. Spends So Much More Than Other Nations on Health Care – [The New York Times] 01.02.17


EU Competition Chief Tracks How Companies Use ‘Big Data’ – [Wall Street Journal] 01.02.17


With Disney Deal Looming, Murdoch’s Empire Is Fractured – [The New York Times] 01.02.17


Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments – [The Intercept] 01.01.17


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